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Kongsvinger Region promo video to air 20.30 CET 12.03.21

Vi "går på" scenen under siste punkt Kultur sånn ca 21:15. Da fremfører vi litt fra vår egen Long Black Shadows som slippes den 30/4-21!

Tonight we “Go on stage” around 21.15 CET or 20.15 GMT

Where you can see a clip of Long Black Shadows which we release on 30/4/21

Every year an event is held to promote our local area, businesses, people and must importantly to us in Smelta Bly the incredible varity of culture that we have to offer here.

This year because of Covid-19 rules the event will be held online at the following link[0]=AZU9yj7XiF4ock7vg5LNjtf6tHJqszGEuHagPY-w0nsDgDZLqXBxoYFzqqdmUfwBILyLv6mt5DDkMxoBhxEPzKuOOTZvTSEf1NdCSF3rXvhs6gW9Qp_Ls9c8fwgQNXr7H-wIxbjsEqN7xzNAJ7xwCwS9nxa9vugM9rDbL8WYmJ_rTA&__tn__=kC%2CP-y-R

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